All professionals at Cardiology Solutions maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in the field of cardiology. Read on to learn more about our staff's experience and training.

Furqan Tejani, MD

Dr. Furqan TejaniDr. Furqan Tejani is a board-certified cardiologist and vascular medicine specialist. He has been practicing in Brooklyn, New York, for over 20 years.

Graduating at the top of his class, he decided to pursue training in Internal Medicine at The Long Island College Hospital. following which he did his fellowship in Cardiovascular Diseases at Albert Einstein College of Medicine program at Beth Israel Medical Center New York.

Dr. Tejani is recognized as a key opinion leader in Cardiology and Vascular Medicine and has participated in over a dozen clinical trials as a Principal Investigator or a sub investigator. He has edited multiple book chapters in cardiology and is on the editorial board of a dozen peer reviewed journals in cardiology.
Dr. Tejani treats patients with a multitude of cardiac an vascular problems. Hypertension, Atrial fibrillation, Myocardial infarction, Congestive heart failure, Peripheral arterial disease, Varicose veins to name a few.

Dr. Tejani is able to perform and interpret a full suite of tests for the cardiovascular and vascular disease patients including electrocardiogram (a test to look at the electrical activity of the hear to detect the irregularities of the rhythm), echocardiogram ( a sound wave examination of the heart to evaluate the function of the heart and assess any abnormalities), carotid sonogram ( sound wave examination of the carotid arteries to assess any plaque build up), lower limb arterial sonogram ( sound wave examination of the blood circulation of the legs to evaluate for poor circulation), lower limb venous sonogram ( sound wave evaluation of the legs to evaluate for blood clots or varicose veins). This is just a representative list of the examination available in his practice for an accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment of the patients.

Dr. Tejani has affiliations and memberships to various professional societies. He is a fellow of American College of Cardiology, fellow of Society of Cardiac Computed Tomography, and fellow of Society of Coronary Angiography and Interventions.

Dr. Tejani has delivered over a hundred lectures both Nationally and Internationally.

Dr. Tejani strives to provide the best care to all his patients. This is reflected in patient satisfaction with the compassion of his care and clarity of his message about the ailment and treatment strategies.

Dr. Tejani has always believed that a well informed patient is much better equipped to deal with the healing than one who only follows instructions. And he strives to incorporate that key element to his practice daily.

Dr. Tejani has multiple patents on interventional cardiology and peripheral interventional devices.

Practicing in Brooklyn and Manhattan, the melting pot of cultures in New York, Dr. Tejani's practice is multi lingual and is able to provide service to Spanish, Hindi, Russian, Polish, and Italian speaking patients.

Haroon Kamran, MD, FACC, FSCAI


Dr Kamran is a board-certified intervention cardiologist with specialist training in endovascular intervention, coronary intervention and vein ablation therapy. He is currently board certified in intervention cardiology, cardiovascular medicine, echocardiography, nuclear medicine and interpretation of arterial and venous disease. Dr. Kamran, finished his initial training in cardiovascular medicine and intervention Cardiology from one of the leading hospitals in Brooklyn, NY and continued to pursue further training in endovascular intervention at Mount Sinai Hospital, NY. During this time, he received numerous awards and published in peer reviewed journals, regarding the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Kamran is well respected in the community and able to provide excellent clinical care in regards to all aspects of general cardiology, stress testing, coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial and venous disorders. He is currently enrolled in all major insurances, working out of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx.

Jennifer Freida Del Campo, MSN, FNP-C, CCRN, CMC

Jennifer Freida Del Campo, MSN, FNP-C, CCRN, CMC

[email protected]
Tel: (646) 301 3688

Education and Training

Nurse Practitioner
Lienhard School of Nursing, Pace University
New York, New York

Philippines College of Health and Sciences
Manila, Philippines

Doctor Of Medicine
MCU-FDTMF College of Medicine
Manila, Philippines

Pediatric Cardiologist
Fellow, Philippine Society of Pediatric Cardiology
Philippine Heart Center
Manila, Philippines

Jennifer Del Campo is an excellent Nurse Practitioner with a strong background in Intensive and Critical care, Internal medicine and Pediatric medicine combined with strong leadership. She demonstrates the capability to ensure delivery of high quality, efficient nursing and advanced practice-nursing care.  Self-motivated professional and dependable while achieving high performance with minimal supervision.

She’s a member of the Sigma Theta Nursing Honor Society who became the lead NP in MSH Cath Lab.  After which, she became the MSH Cardiac  Cath Lab Clinical Nurse Manager in 2016 for 3 years, whom she effectively managed a unit with a diverse staff of more than 167 health professionals.

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